Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kardashian Beauty Dry Conditioner [Review]

I was pretty excited to learn that a Maltese agent started importing the Kardashian Beauty collection. This Dry Conditioner was what caught my eye, only because I go through several cans of dry shampoo in a month and I wanted to test out a dry conditioner [and they are so hard to come by!].

I got it from the Malta Trade Fair and if I'm not mistaken it cost around €10/€11 [Batiste dry shampoo cost around €4.50, so that's double the price]

About the product ...

All of the Kardashian Beauty hair products  are infused with Black Seed Oil [apparently this helps strengthen hair follicles].  It is also Paraben free.

I really love its smell!! It smells quite musky.

This Kardashian Dry Conditioner gives a nice shine to the hair, but I found that it is nothing life-changing, or that a little bit of serum won't give. It does infuse the hair with a little bit of oil, but if you have really dry ends / hair it won't make much of a change. 

On the other hand, I find that it does not weigh the hair down, so this might work on people with very thin hair.

I usually use this on 3 day hair, and tbh I only use it because of its nice fragrance rather than for it's conditioning properties. 

Have you ever tried Dry Conditioners? If yes, let me know below!