A Little About Me

There's not too much to say about me, but...

My name is Lorraine and I am a self-employed nail tech, full time mature university student  a B.A English (Hons) graduate and an M.A in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Theory student, and part time beauty blogger.

I come from Malta, a tiny island in the middle of the Med sea.

I've wanted to create a blog for the longest time ever and finally I took the plunge in November 2012. This is because I wanted something to take my mind off uni work [it's my final year as an undergraduate and I'm in the process of writing my thesis / studying for finals].

Blogging is something I truly love [even though it is time consuming] and I hope that you find some of my posts helpful.

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  1. Hey Lor :)

    I mentioned you in this post: http://allthingslady.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/tag-post-11-questions-and-11-people/



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