Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cute Hair Bow Stabilisers [Review]

Dear readers,

What a wonderful invention E-bay is!

About a month ago I was watching Michelle Phan on Youtube, and in one of her videos she had her bangs/fringe held back by what looked like bow clips.

So I quickly searched for 'bow clip' on E-bay and I found them :)

The bows in question are cute polka dot ones, and they have a kind of 'Velcro' attached to the back, so as to make it stick to your hair.

What I really like about them is that they don't 'dent' your hair like traditional clips when you're doing your make-up.

They can also be used as a normal hair bow would too!

These cost me $1.99 each including shipping. Unfortunately the seller whom I bought them from has sold them all out, but you can get them from this seller here too.

Have you seen anything like them before?



Wednesday, 27 February 2013

E-Bay Jewellery Haul

Dear readers,

Don't you all love e-bay shopping? Well, I do!

This month I have bought various bits and bobs from e-bay, and I was waiting until I received everything so that I can post what I got.

And they were super cheap!

Here is a list of all the pictured items, with links to the various sellers and prices:

  • Peter Pan Collar Necklace from here for $1.98 including shipping
  • Blue Necklace (available in 3 colours) from here for $1.69 including shipping
  • Acrylic Bow Ring (various colours available) from here for $2.68 including shipping
  • Stretch gold stud bracelet (various colours available) from here for $1.39 including shipping
  • Gold bangle from here for $2.96 including shipping
  • Gold cross bracelet from (available in 3 colours) from here for $0.98 including shipping
  • Bronze spike stretch bracelet from here for $1.83 including shipping

Would you get any of these?



Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener [Review]

Dear readers,

Since I do my own nail extensions, I always end up doing and removing them a number of times throughout the year. Last week, after a nervous breakdown, I ended up yanking off my gel extensions.

Please take note! I KNOW that this is harmful for nails and I always PREACH to my clients to NOT pull/yank them off but yeah - I am guilty of doing this to my own nails, bite me.

So I decided to give my natural nails a much deserved break from extensions (maybe for a couple of weeks, month, not sure yet).

To help them to get stronger quickly, I have re-started taking the Perfectil vitamins [review here] and using a nail treatment. I also use cuticle oil.

The one I am currently using is the Sally Hansen Miracle Thickener.

It comes in a standard nail polish bottle and holds 13.3ml. I think I paid around 10 Euros for it.

Now this hardener comes with quite a bold statement: it states that it makes your nails "up to 70% thicker in 4 days".

It has a calcium and ceramic gel formula which reinforces weak and brittle nails while also filling in ridges.

For best results, you apply 1 coat per day for 4 days, on the 4th day remove with polish remover and re-start the process.

This can also used as a base coat too.

I really like this product - my nails feel harder and less thin than they were when I removed my nail extensions, after less than a week of using it.

I would re-purchase this but I still prefer to use OPI's Original Nail Envy.

Do you use nail hardener?



Saturday, 23 February 2013

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose [Review]

Dear readers,

Happy weekend!

A girl can never have enough: shoes, clothes, makeup and lipbalm. Or is it just me? I have lip balms all over the place, in all shapes and sizes, but most of the time I can never find one when I badly need it. Meh...

The latest addition to my lip balm family is the Nivea Lip Butter in 'Raspberry Rose'.

There are 4 different lip butters: Raspberry Rose, Caramel Cream Kiss, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss and Smooth Kiss.

I got this from a local store for Euro 3.00. Unlike the other Nivea balms, this one comes in a small round tin and you get 16.7 grams of product. I really like / prefer this kind of packaging even though it can be quite unhygienic.

The balm has a slightly pink tint which does not show once applied [at least on my lips it doesn't].

Now this lip butter really does smell like fresh raspberries! I always end up nibbling on it and having to re-apply again - but it is a pleasure to do so because these leave my lips really soft.

Have you seen these around? Have you tried them?



Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour in 'Rose Bud' [Review]

Dear readers,

I bought this lipstick about a month or so ago when I also got some other things from Wet n Wild.

The lipstick in question is called 'Rose Bud' and is part of their Mega Last Lip Color collection.

The packaging of these lipsticks is something which I thoroughly hate: I've talked about this in my other Wet n Wild lipstick review here.

This lipstick has a dark dusty rose colour which verges on the mauve-y: excellent for day time use and for Spring.

The lipstick, albeit matte, goes on really smoothly and without drying the lips - I find that there is no need to apply some kind of balm or gloss on top.

With regard to staying power, this tends to fade about 4 hours after applied, which I think is quite normal for lipsticks.

I bought this for $2.75 (excluding shipping) from Beauty Joint, or you can buy it from E-bay



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer [First Impression | Review]

Dear readers,

It is obvious that as soon as MUA launched their new 'Undress your skin' range I would order some new things to try and test out.

One of the goodies I grabbed was the new Radiant Under Eye Concealer. I paid £2 because it is on an introductory offer, normal price is £3 so still really affordable. You can get yours here.

The concealer comes in a white, plastic 'pen' with a twist up bottom [have I already mentioned how I love their new white packaging...!]

What MUA say about this new product:

"Undress your Skin Radiant Under eye Concealer banishes dark circles and signs of fatigue with it’s light weight formula that contains light-diffusing particles to create a radiant glow and awaken dull tired skin. The concealer is suitable for use on all skin tones and is a makeup bag essential!"

The concealer itself is skin coloured and has tiny shimmery particles which catch the light (but in a good way). 

To use, you simply twist the bottom and then use the brush to apply the concealer - then blend with your ring finger or a concealer brush. 

It has a medium coverage but is quite buildable without giving off cake-y results.

I have been using this for the past 3 days and it starts to fade after about 6-8 hours of wear (with powder) - but I do have oily skin so most probably it will have  better staying power on persons with dry to normal skin. But still, 6-8 hours is normal for concealers (on my oily skin).

The only downside that I can think of is that it only comes in 1 shade: radiance. Even though MUA say that it is suitable on all skin tones, I do doubt that this will work for darker skinned ladies [or even myself when I'm really tanned during Summer].

That being said, I do think that this concealer is a lovely buy though I'm not sure how well it would work for covering blemishes and spots, since this is originally an undereye concealer.

Most probably I will just pop this concealer in my bag to use after a long day at university or after a sleepless night.

left with under eye brightener/concealer, right without

Have you tried anything from MUA's new range?



Monday, 18 February 2013

Essence Colour & Go 'Absolutely Blue' [Review]

Dear readers,

Even though no nail polish brand could ever replace my love for OPI polishes, I must admit that 'Absolutely Blue' by Essence is a great colour!

I bought this nail polish when I had the smudged nail polish mishap (mentioned this both when I did the Essence polish remover and drying drops reviews). Truth be told, I didn't want to fork out a lot of money since I have loads of nail polishes at home, and so I ended up in front of the Essence stand.

I have wanted to buy this shade ever since I saw Rihanna sporting a similar shader to this in the 'What's my name' video.

The nail polish comes in a standard small, glass bottle, and you get 8ml: I paid around Euro 1.70 for this (if I remember correctly). A while back Essence changed their nail polish packaging to this slightly large one.

The colour in question is a pale blue one, and you get maximum colour pay off with 2 coats (even though I wouldn't mind just using one coat). The brush is wide enough to allow you to paint on a coat using one swift stroke.

With regard to drying time, this does say that it is quick drying, but I used the Essence Drying Drops [review here which is am-az-ing] and so it dried in no time at all.

As for chipping, mine doesn't chip because I have nail extensions, so I'm afraid I cannot talk about longevity, since nail polish on fake nails doesn't chip (even though I don't use any topcoat).

What I know is that I'll be wearing this nail polish a lot in Spring <3

don't mind the state of my nails, I did them in a rush, hence the air bubbles etc in them 



MUA Undress Me Too Eye Palette [First Impression | Review]

Dear readers,

The Undress Me Too Palette is a palette that, in my opinion, everyone was expecting to be released, since it is a total dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette (and the original Undressed palette was a dupe for Naked by UD).

Now I am wondering whether MUA will  launch a set of basic eye shadows, following the footsteps of Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette.

The Undress Me Too palette comes in a sleek, white palette with a transparent, hinged lid - in my opinion the white packaging makes it looks cleaner and more professional looking - I am loving it!

You get 12, round pan eyeshadows ranging from matte and light to shimmery/frosty and dark: which makes it perfect both for day time use and night time. You also get a double sided sponge applicator.

Unlike the Undressed palette, MUA have now named all the eyeshadows featuring in this palette.

What I really like about MUA palettes is their shape: they are so travel friendly and you can just pack one palette and still manage to transform your look from day to night.

All the eye shadows have good pigmentation, except the matte shades: Naked and Lavish don't really show up, and Corrupt (the black shadow) also lacks quite a bit in the pigmentation department. They are also slightly powdery. That said, they are still usuable, but you must build the colour up and you must use a good eye primer to make them stand out more (especially the really pale ladies out there).

I have had no problems with staying power: these have lasted more than 8 hours on me (albeit with a primer).

I am totally loving this palette, and it is a must for eye shadow lovers (especially since it is so affordable!).

You can get the Undress Me Too palette on the MUA website for £4.00

top row, no flash

top row, with flash
bottom row, with flash

bottom row, without flash

Will you be buying this palette? Let me know!