Friday, 8 February 2013

Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer [Review]

Dear readers,

Apart from BB Creams, I also wanted to test out some other Korean make-up products, especially because Asians have such incredible skin.

Today I present you a concealer by Tony Moly.

The Baby Doll Pot concealer is available in just 2 shades: #1 Light Beige, and #2 Natural Beige. The one that I got is the lighter one.

The concealer comes in a small plastic jar with a screw on lid. You don't get a lot of product (If I'm correct, you get 4 grms).

Even though you don't get a lot of product, I must say that this concealer is quite good. You only need to use a tiny amount for it to work wonders. It is very creamy (it has a buttery consistency), really pigmented and blends very easily.

This gives a slightly matte finish.

The small jar means that you can easily throw it in your purse and carry it around with you.

What I wasn't too keen on is that you must dip your fingers in the pot which can be quite unhygienic - what I normally do is use a concealer brush or any other small brush to get the product, then blend it with my ring fingers.

This easily lasts 8 hours or more (I did set it with powder though) and it didn't set into my crease lines.

This product is really affordable too! It cost me Euro 5.12 from Cosmetic Love or you can get it easily from E-bay here (I never bought from this seller but he sells it cheaper - Euro 3.70)

with flash

no flash

lightly blended, no flash
lightly blended, with flash



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