Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cute Hair Bow Stabilisers [Review]

Dear readers,

What a wonderful invention E-bay is!

About a month ago I was watching Michelle Phan on Youtube, and in one of her videos she had her bangs/fringe held back by what looked like bow clips.

So I quickly searched for 'bow clip' on E-bay and I found them :)

The bows in question are cute polka dot ones, and they have a kind of 'Velcro' attached to the back, so as to make it stick to your hair.

What I really like about them is that they don't 'dent' your hair like traditional clips when you're doing your make-up.

They can also be used as a normal hair bow would too!

These cost me $1.99 each including shipping. Unfortunately the seller whom I bought them from has sold them all out, but you can get them from this seller here too.

Have you seen anything like them before?




  1. Cute! Yours are way cuter than mine. ;)
    I just bought a simple velcro kind that is just a square. It is pink though! ;)


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