Sunday, 3 February 2013

MUA Liquid Liner in Shade 1 [Review]

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Happy Sunday! I'm spending mine assignment writing, hope yours is better.

Today I will be talking about MUA's liquid liner in Shade 01 - a shade which (if I'm not mistaken) is web exclusive and so you can only get it online. This cost me £1 and you can get yours here.

This eyeliner comes in a lovely green / jade shade which verges on the metallic (as you can see from the photos). I love this colour!

My only problem with this eyeliner is the brush, which unlike their waterproof black eyeliner, is a bit harder and not so bendable: when applying the eyeliner the brush ends up 'scratching' off some of the product.

What you need to do is either a) apply one coat, allow to dry and layer on a second coat, or b) instead of using this eyeliner brush use one of your own.

I don't know if this is a problem with this colour only or with the rest of the colours too because as mentioned earlier, the other eyeliner I have is the waterproof one which has a different brush.

Having said that, I love the pigmentation of this eyeliner and the fact that it stays on for a long time! I couldn't even rub off the swatches from my hand with a wet wipe.

with flash

no flash

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it does - you really need a good cleanser or remover and patience to get this completely off

  2. I'd love to try MUA eyeliners. x

  3. This is such a gorgeous shade. Nice review :)

  4. It's amazing *-*
    I prefer this kind of brush :)

    1. the colour is gorgeous :) but I prefer the longer brushes :D


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