Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub [Review]

Dear readers,

Lately I've become obsessed with Korean beauty products! Their packaging is usually so cute and fun.

I first placed an order because I wanted to check out Asian BB Creams: BB Creams were first invented in Asia, and then America/Europe quickly followed suit. I've heard and read so much about how Eastern BB creams are waaaayyyyy better than Western ones, so that's why I wanted to place an order for them. But more about that in a later post.

But then the cuteness of all their makeup packages made me want to but something else!

The Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub by Tony Moly caught my eye: I had been wanting to try the lip scrub by Lush but we don't get Lush in my country and shipping was way expensive.

The Tony Moly lip scrub comes in a cute plastic lip shape container <3 with a screw on lid. I really love how this smells but can't quite put my finger on what it smells like: I guess it smells like something nice and creamy ^.^

The scrub is made up of tiny granules that aren't really harsh but do their job quite well: after all the lips are delicate do you can't use anything sharp on them.

I waited to use this after I woke up this morning because my lips are at their worst then.

To use, you grab a little product (a little goes a long way), and massage on your dry lips for 1-2 minutes, and remove with water or a clean tissue. After you're done you should put some lip balm on to achieve smooth and kissable lips :)

To sum it all up, I really like this product! It removed all the flakes from my lips and made them feel so smooth! (I forgot to put some lipbalm on after though)

Would recommend this to those people who suffer from dry, cracked, flaky lips, especially during Winter, who find that using lipbalm on its own is not enough.

I bought this for Euro 7.49 from Cosmetic Love.


After wiping the lip scrub off (and I forgot to put some lip balm on!)

Would you buy this?




  1. i love lip scrubs!
    i have my lush lip scrub in bubblegum by my bed so i use it at least every 2 days i have to try not to get a sugar rush when i do haha!

    i have been wanting to try a korean brand for ages!
    They say their mascara's are amazing!!

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty

    1. I would so love to try the Lush one, but I will get one when I'm on holiday in the UK.

      They really do have amazing products! I haven't bought any mascaras but I have been lusting over the Fairy Drops mascara.


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