Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wet N Wild 'I Love Matte' Palette [Review]

Dear readers,

I do love my shimmers/frosted eye shadows, but truth be told, I am a sucker when it comes to matte. And it is so difficult to find a palette with a great range of only matte colours: normally you get a mix of shimmer/matte, which is quite sad.

So you must imagine how excited I was when I got my hands onto the Wet n Wild 'I heart Matte' eye shadow palette. I then got even more excited when I realised how cheap they are!

The eye shadows come in a sealed, sleek, plastic hinged palette: I love the fact how you can see the product through the transparent cover.

Like all other Wet n Wild palettes, the eye shadows come categorised for easy application: you get 2 browbone colours, 2 eyelid colours, 2 crease colours, and 2 definers. All the eyeshadows can be be mixed and matched - you can use the lighter shadows on their own for daytime looks, or combine them with the darker colours for nighttime.

All of the colours are ultra pigmented and silky: they go on like a dream. They are also crease resistant!

If I'm not mistaken this palette was limited edition so it might cost a little bit more than what I paid for.

I bought this palette from Beauty Joint for $5.99 (excluding shipping).

with flash

no flash
no flash
with flash

Do you own any Wet n Wild products?



MUA The Artiste Collection Palette [Review]

Dear readers,

I was sent this palette as part of an ongoing offer that MUA had a while back, but don't fret, you can still buy yours from the MUA website here for £6.

This is a great palette for travelling, since in it you get a mix of different eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter.

It comes in a sleek, plastic, black hinged palette and you get 17g of product.

The pans are also quite large when compared to other palettes - apart from holding more product, you can also pick the colours with larger brushes without problems.

You get 6 marbled eyeshadows, ranging from earthly colours which can be used for daytime, to the more shimmery darker colours - you can easily transform your eyemakeup from day time to smoky by using the same palette.

There are also 2 pink blushers, plus a bronzer which I absolutely love! This has quickly become my go to bronzer, especially for daytime.

The pigmentation in this palette is quite good, and I've had no problems with creasing.

Eye shadow swatches with flash

Eye shadow swatches without flash
Blushers / Bronzer / Highlighter without flash

Blushers / Bronzer / Highlighter with flash

Have you got this palette?



Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Revlon Color Stay Gel Liner [Review]

Dear readers,

As mentioned in a previous post, I am always on the lookout for good eye liners that are waterproof. Since this is a trial and error process, I sometimes inevitably end up buying products which are not that great.

One of these is the Revlon Color Stay Gel Liner in 001 'Black Noir'.

The gel liner comes in a small glass jar. You get 2.5 grms of product, and also a tiny brush which is part of the 'handle' of the liner.

The problem I found with this gel liner is not its staying power [I think that it does its job of being waterproof] but in its consistency - this eyeliner is not creamy at all. You end up having to go over the same line in order to achieve maximum colour payoff.

The small brush that it comes with is rather workable - I sometimes use it to apply the Essence Gel Liner.

After rubbing it vigorously with a wet wipe



Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Highlighting and Contouring [Kim Kardashian Style]

Dear readers,

Today I wanted to show you how I contour and highlight my face for nights out, weddings...etc. This is not something I do on a daily basis - normally I just apply some BB cream and when I feel like it some powder bronzer.

Anyways, here goes.

What I used:

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Shade 100 'Ivory' - Review here
  • MUA Pro-Base Concealer Kit in 'Porcelain-Beige' - Review here
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder - Review here
  • Essence Translucent Powder - Review here
  • Ebay Concealer Palette - Review here
  • MUA F2 Stippling Brush
  • Fraulein 38 Foundation Brush

Start with a clean and moisturised face. Apply a light concealer using a foundation brush as pictured: on your dark circles down towards the sides of your nose in an upside down triangle, on forehead, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin.

Apply a dark coloured foundation or dark concealer (I used the 2 darkest colours from the E-bay palette) using the same foundation brush that you used for the light concealer.

I applied mine on the hollow of my cheeks, side of my eyes, temples, jaw line, sides of nose.

It looks scary I know ^.^

When you're done, take your stippling brush, dab it into your normal foundation and start blending everything together.

This way you will achieve a flawless look but the highlighted/contoured parts will still be visible.

I then powdered my whole face using the Essence translucent powder, and I applied some Ben Nye Banana powder on my under eye. If I were applying eye shadow on, I would have left the powder there so that if I had fall outs from the eye shadow I would have quickly brushed everything off without ruining my base.

Finished look:

Hope you like it and found this helpful <3



Monday, 28 January 2013

Perfectil Skin, Hair, Nail Vitamins [Review]

Dear readers,

I've had long hair up until I was 7 years old, then my mother decided to give me a really short haircut (she took me to a hairdresser, but still). I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair, so just image how I must have looked like in the early 90s.

It was a pain to grow long again.

Then in my early 20s I used to have hair extensions glued in. I also blow dried it at the hairdresser religiously every week. Add this to my monthly hair dye, and you can correctly assume how the state of my hair was. I had to cut it/trim it regularly.

About 2 years ago now I cut off my back layers, so my hair is now one length. Doing this has made my hair stronger than it was before. I then re-started the painful process of growing it again.

A couple of months ago I bought Perfectil vitamins to give my hair the boost it needed. They are vitamins to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

This is what it says on the box:

"Perfectil contains essential nutrients, specially formulated for utilisation by the lower dermal layer of the skin, and hair follicles. The nail bed also requires a regular supply of nutrients for growth. Take Perfectil because you new skin, hair & nails are really nourished from the inside."

I used to take one of these everyday after lunch. At first, I used to take them with my dinner but they gave me stomach ache, but if you take them with a large meal and early in the evening you should be ok. I normally have dinner between 9-10pm so most probably that's the reason why they gave me stomach ache.

I've seen a noticeable difference from the moment I've started taking them. My hair has never been as long as it is at the moment and my nails are stronger than before (I notice this when I take off my nail extensions).

They don't contain: artificial colours, preservatives, gluten, salt or yeast, and it is not tested on animals.

I bought mine over the counter for Euro 9.50 (there's no need for a prescription). I'm not saying that your hair will miraculously grow longer overnight, but I saw a difference in mine.

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any pills/medication.



Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to cut your fringe/bangs at home [Step by Step]

Dear readers,

I've been pondering about cutting my fringe for a while now.

I usually cut it in Winter only since I wouldn't bear it on my forehead during the hot, Summer months. Last time I cut it was nearly 3 years ago. Previously the hairdresser used to cut it for me, but since I'm a full time student now and money is tight, I thought about cutting it myself at home.

I bought a pair of cute, pink scissors from Ebay [I got them from here]. I've also watched countless of You Tube videos on how to do this before taking the plunge.

This is the result:

and this is how I did it....

You should start with clean, straight, dry hair

Using a rat tail comb, find the middle of your head (or less, depending on how far back you want your fringe to start from)

Using the comb, draw one line from the centre of your head (or the point) to the end of your eyebrows. Do the same with the other side.

You should end up with a triangle like this one.

Tie the rest of your hair back.

Comb through your hair. Then grab it between your index and middle finger (I grabbed it with my right since I'm right handed - if you're left handed, grab it with your left)

Twist your hair to the right, then grab it with your left hand...

You should end up with something like this. Notice how the hair is now overlapping. By doing this, your fringe will be shorter in the centre and longer on the sides ^.^

Cut just beneath your fingers. I rested my hand on the middle of my nose, and cut there. It's better if you cut a little at a time!

Yeyy, mission accomplished :)

my cute pink lace scissors ^.^

What do you think? Would you be willing to try it yourselves? 



Saturday, 26 January 2013

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick [Review]

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago I bought this Elf Liquid Lipstick in 'Perfect Pink' for 2 Euros (if I'm not mistaken - you can get yours here from the ELF website.

It is a really lovely, light pink glossy colour which moisturises my lips really well. It has a pleasent minty smell and taste which I really like too.

It comes in a plastic tube with a twist up bottom: like all the other Elf products that I have, I found that the packaging is really cheap and not sturdy at all. As a matter of fact, I broke the bottom part immediately after using it for the first time (and all I did was twisted it like instructed). My boyfriend then somehow popped it back in, but not after a quarter of the product went to waste because in order to put it back together he had to twist it).

Unlike some other Elf products I have, the printing on this one didn't fade out.

I usually need to apply this every 1-2 hours, so it is not very long lasting, much like a lipgloss.

with flash

no flash