Sunday, 6 January 2013

Healthy eating [Week 1]

Dear readers,

After spending the Christmas holidays (and all of autumn and winter tbh) gorging myself with food, I decided that it's time to (alas!) start eating healthier...

....and I've decided that it might help keep me on track if I kept a weekly diary of what I ate (trying to be as honest as possible), so that maybe having an audience will spur me on.

I've also decided to treat myself on Sunday if I were good and ate healthy all week...

Anyway, this is what I had this week (from Wednesday till today....cause everyone knows that diets start on 02/01/2013)....

Wednesday 02/01/2012

9:00am - Oat pillows + skimmed milk
14:30pm - 2 Brown bread toast (ham and cheese)
19:00pm - Peasoup + a couple of ignocchi

Thursday 03/01/2012

11:00am - Oat Pillows + Skimmed Milk
16:00pm - Small bowl peasoup
18:00pm - 1 small banana
20:00pm - 2 pcs grilled salmon + 1 boiled potato + 1 boiled egg + salad
21:00pm - 1 low fat yoghurt

Friday 04/01/2012

11:00am - Allbran + 1 small banana + skimmed milk
14:00pm - 2 Brown bread toast (ham and cheese)
16:00pm - 1 kellogs bran bar
18:00pm - Branettes with philadelphia light
21:00pm - Grilled tuna + 1 small boiled potato + salad

Saturday 05/01/2012

9:00am - Allbran + 1 small banana + skimmed milk
13:30pm - 1 apple
15:00pm - 2 Brown bread toast (ham and cheese)
17:00pm - Branettes with philadelphia light
21:00pm - Marrow soup

Sunday 06/01/2012 (Fun Day)

11:00am - Allbran + 1 small banana + skimmed milk
15:00pm - Cold cuts platter + 2 small bread rolls + prawn tortelloni + choc fondant

Sunday Fun Day!

grilled salmon

grilled tuna

my usual breakfast

marrow soup

sunday funday!

What about you? Are you currently on a diet?




  1. I am trying to diet, but I am starting it today as I had lots of bits and bobs sorted for last week and still lots of Christmas leftovers too!! How much are you looking to lose? :)
    LaceyLoves x

    1. yeah, i have loads of leftovers too, but unless you draw a line you'll continue on eating! I would love to lose 15kgs (33 pounds) but would love to get to my pre-uni weight :/ and u?


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