Friday, 18 January 2013

Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Minis [Review]

Dear readers,

After reading and reading and hearing about the Benefit products, I finally bought a set of my own. The set that I got are mini/travel sized versions of the originals, but obviously cheaper. This way, you can test the product without the commitment of having to spend loads for the full sized bottles.

The Feelin' Cheeky Minis come in a small cute box and you get a Posie Tint, High Beam and Bene Tint. Each small bottle contains 4.0mL of products, which might seem like a small amount but trust me, a teeny amount of product goes a long way. All 3 bottles come with a nail polish like applicator.

Posie Tint

This is the one I like the most! It is a poppy coloured cheek tint which can also double up as a lip tint. I was literally thrown away by the longevity of this product....I applied this at 10:30am and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror at 11pm to see that my cheeks still looked as if I had just applied the product. Like I said before, you only need the littlest amount of product: I just dab 3 dots with the applicator on each cheek and quickly blend it in (you must do this quickly or else you will end up with dots on your cheek as this stains a lot!). I also use this on my lips as a tint, I love the effect it gives - so natural.

High Beam

Also one of my favorites, this has quickly become my favourite highlighter. I use this over my cheekbones, on my cupids bow, bridge of my nose, corner of my eyes etc. You can use this anywhere you like, really. It has a smooth creamy texture which is easily blendable. This looks so great in photos! I am hooked.

Bene Tint

Like the Posie Tint, the Bene Tint is a cheek and lip stain, but more liquidy. So liquidy that at first I was afraid to use it! Unlike the Posie Tint, you need more product to get flushed (on my skin tone anyway). But I tried this yesterday and it does stay on for hours, much like the other tint.

no flash / unblended

with flash / unblended.
The high beam is so beautiful!!

After trying all three, I think that I would repurchase the Posie Tint and the High Beam but not the Bene Tint (and it was the one I was most looking forward to try).




  1. I heard they are really really good products!! From where did you get yours? and were they expensive?

    1. They really are! I got them from ebay (because they are only sold at Sephora) for £10.25. They are quite cheap. If you want I can link you the seller.

  2. If you don't mind me asking, how much are these? :)

  3. hey!

    new follower here!love your reviews, I've gone through a few of them!I'm also fan of MUa make up.
    you should make sure that your blog gets more attention!

    Bea =)

    1. Hi! =)
      thanks so much for your kind words, they mean a lot Bea.

  4. I love Benefit products, always good quality :) x

    1. I agree! I would love to try something else from them, especially all their travel/mini sets. They're so cute!


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