Wednesday, 9 January 2013

[Tutorial] Cute Piggy Nail Art

Dear readers,

Today I got a request from a client of mine (hello Gaby ^.^) for piggy nail art.

Even though she has slightly pointy nails, it is still possible to do this kind of design, and it is really easy to do so, I promise! (even though it is indeed easier to do on square nails)

This is the result:

What you need for this design;

  • one slightly dark base colour of your choice (I used Dating a Royal by OPI)
  • one light pink (I used Pink Friday by OPI)
  • one darker pink (I used Party in my Cabana by OPI)
  • one black, preferably without any shimmer

Start by painting all of your nails with the base colour of your choice;

Draw a circle with the pale pink polish - this will be the face of our piggy. Most probably you will need 2 coats of the pale polish;

Using the darker pink, draw a horizontal oval for the nose, and the upside down triangular shapes for the ears;

Use a small dotting tool (or a toothpick if you haven't got one) to draw the nostrils and the eyes;

Add top coat, and you're done! It's way cute and so easy!

Nail polish used:

Let me know if you try it <3



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