Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cute Moustache Nail Art #2 [Step by Step]

Dear readers,

Yesterday a client/friend of mine had her infills appointment and brought with her a cute picture of a nail design (thanks goes to the person who created them - they're so sweet - p.s can't officially thank you because I don't know your name) that she wanted me to re create.

This is another take on the moustache nail design that is done normally;

You will need:

  • Pink Nail Polish 
  • Darker Pink (Any contrasting pink will do)
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Dotting Tool or Toothpicks 
  • Top Coat


  1. Paint your ring finger with the lightest pink shade
  2. Paint the rest of your nails with the contrasting pink colour
  3. Draw the moustache using the black polish and a small toothpick (As instructed here)
  4. Using a small dotting tool (or toothpick) draw two small dots above the moustache for eyes (I used the Sally Hansen nail art pen - review here)
  5. Draw an uncomplete circle around one of the eyes using the same dotting tool
  6. Draw a tiny hat (just a small square box and a straight line)
  7. Draw a couple of tiny dots from the monocle down 
  8. Wait until it dries completely and finish off with some fast drying top coat
  9. You're done!




  1. Wow this is soooo sweet! OPI is definitely on my list! I've yet to try their range since I've only started getting into nail polish and trying to be good! Hehhe. I'm actually looking for a nail art pen - might look into this.

    xx Donah
    GIG Founder

    PS if you love nails, check out my latest post on my blog :) would love to have you there

    Welcome to GIG once again

    1. :) thanks Donah!! I love the Sally Hansen pens, you should definitely get them - they're so easy to use!

      Going to check it out now :D

  2. I love your claw like nails - I wish I could grow mine this long to make them look like these and I wish I was good at nail art too :)
    LaceyLoves x

    1. Thanks Lacey :) I wish they were natural - these are gel extensions ;) mine are so weak there's not a chance in hell that i would be able to grow them so long hah


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