Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cute Water Marbling and Polka Dot Nail Art [Step by Step]

Dear readers,

Today I just did this nail design on a friend of mine (hello Petra ^.^) and it turned out so cute I just had to share (and show you how I did it too!)

I'm sure that most of you know how water marbling is done ;)

This is the final result:

You will need:

  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Any other light colour (I used lilac)
  • I also used a shimmery light nail polish but you can omit that if you like
  • Several toothpicks
  • Tape
  • Dotting tool 
  • Plastic container
  • Room temperature water
  • Nail polish remover + wipes/cotton wool
  • Clear topcoat
  • Cotton buds


  1. First off, paint your small, index and thumb nails with the lilac (or colour of your choice)
  2. Take some tape (I used masking tape but you can use clear tape if you want) and stick it around your finger nail (this is to avoid some of the mess and helps with the cleaning up process)
  3. Fill in your container with some water (room temperature)
  4. Open up all of the nail polishes that you will use. 
  5. Start dropping nail polish in the water, alternating each colour. It should form a sort of bulls-eye.
  6. When satisfied, take a toothpick and carefully move the nail polish to draw your design. You must to this ever so lightly.
  7. Dip you fingernail (face down) in the water, and keep it submerged.
  8. Blow on the water surface, and using the same toothpick, collect the remaining polish from the surface.
  9. Remove your finger, and hey presto! you'll have a beautiful marble design on your nail!
  10. Allow to dry completely before removing the tape.
  11. Carefully dip some cotton buds in the nail polish remover and clean up the remaining polish from your fingers.
  12. For the remaining nails, use a dotting tool and black nail polish and draw large black dots.
  13. Allow to dry completely and apply some topcoat.
  14. You're done!

Client has acrylic nail extensions

Final result ^.^

What I used 

Hope you like it <3




  1. Oh my..thats pretty color for marble nail it so much!I followed back ur blog!thx for following and leaving comment on my blog!! Yes,the maybelline cherry on top is fun red color!love it too! Xoxo

    1. awww thanks for your lovely comment, and for following back! <3

  2. Those turned out great, it's neat that you can do that on your own.
    Visiting from the Love my Post hop. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting :) and thanks for your comment too ;)

  3. Awesome!!! this Marble nail art looks so gorgeous Thanks alot for sharing


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