Thursday, 3 January 2013

[Costume] Jewellery Storage

Dear readers,

Today I wanted to share with you how I store my costume jewellery (even though this can be used for more expensive jewellery - but I prefer to leave those in their original boxes).

Up to about a couple of months ago, my jewellery storage was a complete mess. I had a lot of misplaced earrings which I couldn't find or remember where I put them and necklaces all over the place which would inevitably end up in knots.....well, you know what I mean.

One day when I was browsing in a household store this drawer thingy caught my eye - originally it is used for storing nails, washers and the sorts, but I though that it would be perfect for storing my jewellery.

It has 36 narrow/small drawers and 6 larger ones. All drawers come with a black plastic separator which you can pull out in order to store larger items.

Hope I gave you some ideas on how to store your jewellery,




  1. Oh Lorraine, i think ive seen these at home mate and thought of them as useful storage!! What a great idea!!

    Stefy x♥x
    Fashion + Beauty

    1. I got them from Home mate in fact hehe =) Thanks

  2. You do some pretty inspiring stuff. I wish I could find the jewelry pieces. I live in Arizona and haven't found much by way of old costume jewelry at the yard sales. It's too expensive at the second hand shops. Nice site anyways. Your time and efforts are appreciated.
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