Monday, 7 January 2013

MUA Dusk till Dawn Palette

Dear readers,

MUA have quickly become one of my most favourite make up brands because:

1) They have lovely make up
2) They're affordable
3) They always have some ongoing offer
4) Their products are excellent!

A while ago I got the Dusk till Dawn palette:

As the name of the palette suggests, this can be used both for daytime and evening makeup looks or you can use the bottom row to change your makeup from day to night.

The 12 colours are all shimmery but very pigmented (I especially love the blues and the dark bottom corner one which I adore! - it is so sparkly and fun).

They also last all day with a primer (even though I have never tried using them without a primer)

The palette also comes with its own applicator.

You can get this at MUA for £4! Its now back in stock. And since they've now reached 45000 likes on Facebook, MUA have just launched a new offer (where you get 3 gifts).

Top row: natural light

Top row: with flash

Bottom row: natural light
Bottom row: with flash



  1. Nice palette!


  2. Awesome! I ordered this when they had their 40% off sale. Excited to receive mine all the way here in the states, lol.
    <3, Mel

    1. I got mine when they had the 35% off (if i'm not mistaken anyway lol) - it is lovely. Have you got any MUA makeup at the moment?

  3. I have this and love it! You can do so many looks with the palette! x

    1. I agree! I especially like the darker bottom row x


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