Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cute Moustache Nail Art [Step by Step]

Dear readers,

I've always liked moustache themes, especially moustache nail art!

Yesterday I did my nails' infills, and today I decided on doing moustache nail art (even though I rarely sport any nail art at all - but these were too cute to resist)

For this nail art you will need;

  • A light colour for the base (I used Pink Friday from the OPI Nicky Minaj Collection)
  • A shimmerless black (I used Lady in Black by OPI)
  • A large and a small dotting tool (or a toothpick will work just as fine)

  1. Start by painting 2 coats of your preferred nail polish. Allow to dry.
  2. Using the dotting tool, paint 2 largish dots in the centre of your nails. 
  3. Using the dotting tool again, paint 2 tiny dots on either side of the larger dots.
  4. Using the same tool, fill in the space between the larger and small dots by first tracing the outline of the moustache and then filling it in.
  5. And hey presto, you will have cute moustache themed nails!

2 coats of your base polish

Draw 2 large dots in the centre, 2 smaller dots on both sides of the nail

Fill in the mustache using the dotting tool

OPI 'Pink Friday'




  1. Are these your nails?! How amazing, I absolutely love them! I also like the moustache idea, thank you!

    1. yes they are - but not my natural nails, I have gels on top :p (I do them myself) and thanks ^.^


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