Saturday, 5 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellations

Dear readers,

Even though I love nail art, I rarely ever do anything different with my nails - I always have one full colour of nail polish (I don't like french manicures).


I lately bought a small bottle of caviar beads (or micro beads - call them what you wish) from MUA (aka Makeup Academy), which come in a cute little bottle + funnel and are called Nail Constellations.

I got mine in Leo (my star sign ^.^ ) and I finally got to try them today!

I bought this when MUA had the 40% sale, but they surely won' break the bank if you decide to get one because they're so affordable! You can buy yours here! And at the moment they have a £1 off all their nail effects, even the Fluff (which I also bought but still waiting for my last order to be delivered). Yeyy!

What I think of the Nail Constellations:

I wasn't so sure about getting these but after all the rage I thought, why not? To be sure that they won't come off, instead of fixing them to the wet nail polish, I used a uv gel topcoat beneath and stuck them to it, and then cured under uv lamp. They are stuck solid hah :)

What impressed me was that from the beads are really tiny and so from the side they don't look huge.

Moreover, when you are done applying the beads you can pour the excess beads back into the container using the funnel.

Hopefully I won't nibble on them  cause they are sooo tempting!

They also come in four other shades (or star signs);

Have you tried them yet?

Much love,



  1. I like it!!! Costellation paired with purple is perfect! :)

  2. I love these, I did worry about them being too big but I'm convinced! Do you think they would stick to normal nail polish?
    Thank you for the comment on my blog:)

    Catherine x

    1. They're tiny! I'm sure they do stick - but I'm not sure of their staying power without a topcoat. I'm still trying to find a topcoat which does not lift their colour, will let you know when I find one!

      p.s It's always nice to 'meet' a fellow literature lover :D


  3. I made a post on MUA nail constellation, too today, check it out if you like :)
    Did yours last long?
    I love how your manicure looks! The shape and colour of your nails is gorgeous!

    1. thankyou! I just checked out your post re:nail constellations and I love it too! the colour you chose goes really well with the constellations!.

      No, it didnt last long :( i removed them by the end of the day because since i used a uv topcoat the beads lost all their colour :/

  4. Wow! great color!
    following you on Bloglovin waiting for you to follow back <3


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