Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

Hello pretty things :)

A close friend of mine recently gave me a couple of Sally Hansen nail art pens as an early Christmas present. I have always wanted to purchase some nail art pens so as to make my life easier, but alas, I never saw any for sale in my country. So, my sweet friend (thanks Jo xx) got me some over from Canada (if I'm not mistaken). 

Here is a picture of all the colours she got me;

From left to right:

Red (4090-06)
Orange (13)
Yellow (14)
Green (15)
Turquoise (18)
Periwinkle (16)
Hot Pink (4090-04)
Coral (17)
Gold (4090-08)
Black (4090-02)
Silver (4090-07)
Pearly White (12)
White (01)


I love the fact that they look and are used like a marker. The colour glides on really easily and is true to the colour on the packaging. My only negative remark is on two of the colours; red and gold, which in reality look like a rusty and a bronze-y colour instead of the one I had imagined (see swatches number 2 and 12). 

You have to allow them to dry completely before applying a top coat or else they will smudge (around 1-2 mins drying time is enough in my case). I don't know the exact price, since as I have already mentioned before these were a present, but my friend bought them off ebay so you can easily check.

Overall I think they are excellent, and are a blessing (at least to me hehe) since I don't always have steady hands to draw on intricate designs with a paintbrush, and I can use these as I would normally use a felt tip pen on a piece of paper. 

Much love,


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