Monday, 19 November 2012

Dukan Diet Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Hello readers,

Have you ever heard of the Dukan diet? Well, if not, you should google it :p It's a 4-stage diet which I follow (when I do), and it does work - you shed pounds, and if you follow the plan to a tee - you will keep the weight off.

Well, here is a recipe for a chocolate mousse you are allowed to have on the Dukan plan - and you could also prepare it as a yummy treat while following other diets. And believe me when I say that it tastes heavenly! Excellent for chocoholics like myself who sometimes (or daily) would like to indulge in a bit of chocolate.

So, this is a list of stuff you need - pretty simple ingredients you could find in any supermarket;

  • Decatesse (or sweetener)
  • 0% Regilait (or powdered skimmed milk)
  • Low fat chocolate powder
  • 0% Fromage Frais or Greek Yoghurt

Mix 4 table spoons powdered milk, 2 table spoons sweetener, 4 tea spoons chocolate powder....

Add some water to the powder mixture, 1 tea spoon at a time.....slowly does it :) till you get a mixture like this.....

Add a dollop (or a about a table spoon really) of the fromage frais or greek yoghurt. Mix well, and refrigerate for approx. 2 hours (while resisting the temptation to eat it as is).....

End result: yummy-ness!! (without being fattening) ^.^

Let me know if you try it,


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