Monday, 19 November 2012

Mini Essence (and Catrice) Haul

Hello Readers,

These past 3 days have been really dreary and rainy and dark (if you also live in Malta you'll know what I mean), and so I decided to buy some new makeup to cheer myself up =^.^=

Finally Winter-y weather is starting to be felt and I can start wearing boots, coats and scarfs once again! And thank God to that because I was seriously getting fed up of the hot/warm/sticky weather.

But enough blabbering....this is what I bought today;

Sooooo, first up are the two polishes. At first I was really wary of buying them, since they're really cheap (Euro 1.70 if I'm not mistaken), but after some debating (not!) I chose these two colours.

Both colours are what I classify as winter-y; the one on the left is called 'Walk on the Wild Side' (nr. 139) and is a kind of army/khaki green. The other one is called 'Date in the Moonlight' (nr. 126) and is a dark kind of greyish blue (at least that's what it looks like to me). Both nail polishes are shimmery, but not the in-yer-face shimmery kind. I still have to try both colours and check for drying time and staying power so I cannot tell at the moment, but I did try the blue one on my friend and I liked it a lot. Still, not my fave but not at the bottom of the list either.

Second Essence item I got is the XXXL shine Lipgloss in 'Red Blossom' (nr. 021). Now, I have never been a fan of red/dark lipsticks up until this past month, but I must say that I'm quite the addict now. I usually use the Maybelline 10 hr gloss lipglosses (will post a review w/swatches later this week) and so far so good. The colour of the Essence lipgloss is quite sheer but ok I guess, and it's not sticky (which is something I hate in glosses - especially when it's windy cause my hair tends to stick to my lips...eugh), but on the other hand I'm not a fan either. I will have to try to put it on a normal lipstick and see if I like it better that way.

I also got the Essence blush sorbet in 'Smooth Operator' (nr. 01). I have been eyeing  this for quite a long time but I had tried cream blushes before and they are not exactly my best friends. These past months I had been using a Catrice jelly one which I adored, but I can't find it anywhere now - guess it was a limited edition item. There was only the Smooth Operator colour available, so I don't know if there are any different shades available. It has small shimmers in it which I don't really like, but on the other hand it smells really nice. With regard to staying power I will have to check though.

 Last of the Essence products I got is an eyeshadow in 'Starlight: Sparkling effect' (nr. 03). It's a gorgeous silvery/glittery eyeshadow which will be perfect for the coming festive season, or for nights out clubbing. I might film a tutorial using it later this month.

Last but not least is a Catrice Eyebrow pencil: 'Brow-n-eyed Peas' (nr. 030). I must say that I don't really like this feels very hard - guess I will have to soften it a bit before using it. On a positive note: it does have a spoolie brush on one side, and it has staying power....when I tried to wash of the swatch it just wouldn't budge!


From L-R: Essence Blush Sorbet, Essence Eyeshadow, Essence Lipgloss, Catrice Eyebrow pencil

Any queries let me know.


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