Saturday, 17 November 2012

Orly nail polishes

Hello pretty ladies,

Yesterday I went to a fair meant solely for women, where one could buy items related to beauty such as make up, all kinds of nail and hair stuff, jewellery etc. It was the first time I went (but surely not the last as I loved it!).

I bought some lovely new items (and also got a lot of free samples, which is always a good thing hehe). So, the following are my favourites...

These gorgeous Orly nail polishes are After Party and Rococo A-Go-Go. I have never ever tried Orly nail polishes before, since (to my knowledge) they aren't sold in my country, so imagine my surprise when I saw an Orly supplier in one of the stands! I normally use Opi nail polishes, but I must say that colour wise Orly are quite the competitors.

I haven't yet tried these on my nails so I don't know how durable they are (a couple of weeks ago I took my nail extensions out to give my nails a break), but after swatching these I must say that 2 coats is more than enough.

Both nail polishes are really shimmery; After Party has purple/blue shimmers and Rococo A-go-go has bronze-y/redish shimmer (believe me, my picture doesn't do these colours justice).

Will definitely be buying Orly polishes again!



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