Friday, 28 December 2012

Ebay 15 Concealer Palette

Dear readers,

I am usually wary of buying really cheap makeup (especially from China), but after stumbling across the 15 colour concealer palette on Ebay, I just couldn't resist buying it.

You can get one for $4.29 from here (this is not the seller from whom I bought it from because I can't find him/her on my purchase list history)

After all, I thought, it's so cheap (about $5 for the palette inc shipping) that if it's no good or if it makes me break out I can just chuck it in the bin.

I've had this for a couple of months now and I love it. The concealers are very high coverage and they stay on for ages (I use powder on top though - since my face is rather oily).

The concealers come in a black small palette (which is also ideal for travelling with). There is 1 highlighter, 1 green corrector, 1 pink corrector, and 1 yellow corrector. The rest are all different shades of concealer.

The dark shades can be used for contouring instead of using a bronzer. They work amazingly well.

I will definitely buy this again and would recommend to others too.




  1. I think after reading this review I'm going to purchase this palette, it looks really good!
    I bought the ebay 120 eye shadow palette and loved it!

    1. this palette is really good, you should try it! and so cheap too! I also have the 120 eyeshadow palette and i love it too :)

      I also have the blusher palette which i will review this month


  2. This palette looks great! Must have it!

    1. It is! Even though it's really cheap. Later on I will also be posting about the Ebay blusher palette.


  3. I've got this palette and it honestly just didn't work for me. At first the product was really creamy, but then it just turned hard and wouldn't budge! I tried melting it lol, but... it just stopped working for me. I might have just received a defect palette though

    1. Could be, because I've had this since last Summer and they're still all very creamy. After how long did they turn hard if you don't mine me asking?

  4. Thanks for this review,after i read it, i decided to purchase it and today i got it and cannot wait to try it!


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