Thursday, 20 December 2012

MUA Haul #2

Dear Readers,

MUA always seem to have some kind of offer or sale going on, so when they had the 40% plus 5 Nail Quakes I couldn't resist not getting something.

...and look at what the postman handed me today... :)))

A closer look:

  • All In One Beauty Cream (a.k.a BB Cream) in Medium (Shade 2)

  • Lip Boom in 'It's A Situation' (I heart this a lot!)

  • Lipstick in Shade '03'

  • Pro-Brow Palette Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

  • Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in 'Yummy'

  • Top - Glitter Eye Liner in 'Night Sky'
  • Bottom - Glitter Eye Liner in 'City of Gold'

  • Lip Liner in 'Brooding Plum'

  • Nail Constellation in 'Leo'

  • ...and the 5 free Nail Quakes

Can't wait to try them all!



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