Monday, 10 December 2012

Review: L'Oreal Faux Cils Telescopic Mascara

Dear readers,

I find that in Malta, not many pharmacies/beauty shops have L'Oreal / Max Factor products for sale. They always seem to stock Rimmel/Revlon for some reason though. Or is just me? and the pharmacies I happen to use?

Anyways, last week I went to a new shopping complex that has just opened, and one of the shops there stocked many different make up brands.

So I finally managed to buy myself the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.

....and I love it. To be honest, I think that my natural eyelashes are quite long to begin with, but just one coat of the telescopic mascara clearly makes a huge difference (to me anyway - p.s please disregard my unruly and need to be plucked eyebrows).

What I love:

Its black colour (mine is in Magnetic Black), the fact that you can use the wand both on the upper and bottom lashes without making a mess and having to clear up smudges, the fact that it is not waterproof and can be easily removed by using only baby wipes, it lasts ages, the wand is really bendable, it does not break the bank (bought mine for about Euro 13/14 if I'm not mistaken).

Hope this helped!

Virtual hugs,


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