Sunday, 30 December 2012

Morning Winter Wedding

Dear readers,

Today we attended a wedding of a client of mine (she looked gorgeous!).

When I received the invitation, I went into panic mode because:

1) I haven't been to a lot of morning weddings so didn't know what to wear
2) the morning weddings I had attended before were in Spring/Summer so I couldn't wear any of those dresses for this wedding.

As usual, I left it until the last day to go shopping for a dress (even though I wondered if I could grab myself a gorgeous dress on sale). I headed to New Look and I fell in love with an asymmetrical dress.

Truth be told, I've never been a fan of these types of dresses, and never thought that I would indeed have gotten one.

My problem is that I hate wearing short dresses for weddings, and I hate wearing long ones (I find them to be more appropriate for an evening wedding or summer morning wedding).

I love this dress because the shorter front part comes a bit higher up the knee, it fits really well, the colour is gorgeous, and it has some lace.

I paired the dress with a pearl bracelet and dangly earrings (both from New Look), and peep toe shoes. I curled my hair with tongs about an hour before the wedding but as you can clearly see from the photo, I was left with no curls at all after about 5 minutes of unpinning them :/

yours truly

via New Look



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