Sunday, 16 December 2012

Should I Change My Hairstyle?

Dear Readers,

Until about 2 years ago, I usually cut my fringe during Winter and grew it for Summer. This is because I hate sticky fringe with forehead combo during summer + I hate how a short fringe dries when you've been swimming (especially in sea water).

I've had my hair in the same style for such a long time it is beginning to bore me. What keeps me from cutting the fringe/bangs is that a long fringe is much more easy to handle - easier to blow dry, it doesn't get into your eyes, it needs minimum work to keep tidy.

My problem is always the same: when my fringe is long I long for a short one, but once I cut it I always wish that I never did because 1) my hair takes ages to grow long 2) some hairdressers never cut it how I like it (that it how I ended up cutting and trimming my own hair).

Since I always end up forgetting how I looked like with a fringe, yesterday I googled for websites where you can change your look and I stumbled upon one where you can upload a photo of yourself and then change hairstyle, haircolour, makeup looks, accessories etc.

Well, I just couldn't stop laughing...

Here are some of the looks which I reckon aren't that bad...should I take the plunge?




  1. why don't you go for a dark bob with a fringe??

    1. Cause it would take me ages to grow it out and you can't just wash it and airdry it when you have a bob :/

  2. I know it is a bit risky, but I think the last red color would really suit you.

    1. Last time I used to dye my hair red was about 12 years ago, and I used to love it! Have been thinking about dying it red for a while now. What stops me is that I think that it clashes with a lot of colours :/


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