Monday, 31 December 2012

MAC Pro Wear Lipglass in Lasting Achievement

Dear readers,

I'm not such a gloss wearer during the colder months because usually when I head outside and it's windy my hair ends up sticking to my lips and I hate it!

...but my lovely sister in law gave me this lip gloss for Christmas and I love it. I have been converted to a dark colour gloss lover :p

The gloss (or glass) I'm talking about is the MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in 'Lasting Achievement'..

It's a plummy/burgundy colour (it kind of has the colour of red wine to me - it's hard to describe its exact colour). In the tube the colour has tiny gold shimmers in it but  it doesn't show on the lips.

It lasts a good 2-4 hours depending on if you're eating/drinking etc which is quite good considering it's a gloss. I used this for going to the cinema and after eating huge amounts of popcorn and drinking cola my lips were still stained by the colour.



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