Friday, 1 February 2013

Barbie Ash Violet Big Eye Circle Lenses [Review]

Dear readers,

It is important that you know that I am a sucker for Anime/Manga ^.^ So I couldn't resist not buying a set of circle lenses to achieve a cute look.

Big Eye Circle Lenses are lenses which are larger than the actual eye, thus giving the wearer a dolly eyed look. The ones I will be reviewing are from the Barbie Ash collection, and mine are in Violet.

I bought these circle lenses from Uniqso, check out their website here. Apart from all kinds of lenses they sell   makeup, false eyelashes and also some nail accessories.

These lenses cost $4.90 per lens, plus an additional $5.00 for shipping. They are so affordable and cheap! The shipping is also very fast; they were here in about 10 days time.

The lenses come sealed in two glass bottles, packed in this cute box. You also get a free lenses case. And if you're wondering what the Q-tip is for, it's for pulling out the lens out of the bottle (even though I did not use it). The bottles are also wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid any breakages.

You can also get these lenses on prescription (like I did): Uniqso offer powers from 0 to -8, so nearly everyone can wear them. You also put them on like normal contact lenses.

Unlike normal lenses, these lenses last up to 12 months if they're cared after and stored properly.

Some info about these lenses:

Diameter: 16.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Replacement Period: 12 months

Even though they're really large (16.5mm) they're very comfortable: after a couple of seconds you can no longer feel them in your eyes. Moreover, they also don't dry your eyes out. They also really enlarge my eyes! :)

They also blend really well with my eyes: even thought they are violet and not the most natural eye colour, they look really nice over my natural brown eyes.

without flash

with flash




Disclaimer: These lenses were gifted to me by Uniqso. I am not being paid to do this post and my comments / opinions are 100% honest.


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