Friday, 8 February 2013

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder [First Impression | Review]

Dear readers,

The Matte Perfect Powder is one of the latest additions to the MUA family.

The translucent powder comes in plastic, sleek, round jar with a screw on lid. Like most loose powders, you get a sifter on the inside.

You get 15g of product for £2.30 and you can get yours from the MUA website or Superdrug.

Unlike my other translucent loose powders, this one is skin coloured.

This is what MUA have to say about it:

"An extremely lightweight sheer and silky setting powder. This finely milled loose powder fixes your foundation in place, perfect for minimising oiliness and unwanted shine. The micro fine featherweight texture means that it never looks powdery or feels heavy over foundation. It disappears on the skin brightening up your make up whilst keeping it in place throughout the day."

To apply it, firstly tap the bottom of the jar (much better if you do this while the container is still closed to avoid spilling it everywhere). Then take a large powder brush, dab it in the loose powder, tap it to remove the excess and to apply it, start from the centre of the face. It is important that you apply this a little at a time to avoid looking ghostly, cakey or mask-like.

I've used this powder both on my BB cream and on foundations, and it does give my face a soft, matte finish. My face stayed oil free for about 8-10 hours but I did have my matte primer underneath my foundation.

Even though this is finely milled, I found that it looks rather 'wet' - I really can't explain this well ha ha, but this powder kind of sticks together (even in the sifter) unlike my other powders which look and feel more like talc (I think you can notice this in the pictures). But it does go on like any other normal loose powder!

While this is not the best loose powder available, it is a nice addition to my collection considering the affordable price this has and would recommend this to beginners and makeup enthusiasts alike.

unblended, no flash

unblended, with flash
blended, with flash

blended, no flash

Have you tried this powder yet? If yes, what do you think?




  1. I love that product!


    1. It's not my favourite MUA product but it's not bad :)

  2. Great Product:) I wish they would sell it here.
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    xx Lena

  3. I nominated you for Liebster awards. I hope that you'll do it, I'm interested in reading your answers.
    xoxo, S.

    1. oh thanks Sanja! Of course I will do it <3

  4. Thank!I have heard sooooo much about this powder being excellent!!I have been wanting to get this!<3 it


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