Monday, 18 February 2013

Essence Colour & Go 'Absolutely Blue' [Review]

Dear readers,

Even though no nail polish brand could ever replace my love for OPI polishes, I must admit that 'Absolutely Blue' by Essence is a great colour!

I bought this nail polish when I had the smudged nail polish mishap (mentioned this both when I did the Essence polish remover and drying drops reviews). Truth be told, I didn't want to fork out a lot of money since I have loads of nail polishes at home, and so I ended up in front of the Essence stand.

I have wanted to buy this shade ever since I saw Rihanna sporting a similar shader to this in the 'What's my name' video.

The nail polish comes in a standard small, glass bottle, and you get 8ml: I paid around Euro 1.70 for this (if I remember correctly). A while back Essence changed their nail polish packaging to this slightly large one.

The colour in question is a pale blue one, and you get maximum colour pay off with 2 coats (even though I wouldn't mind just using one coat). The brush is wide enough to allow you to paint on a coat using one swift stroke.

With regard to drying time, this does say that it is quick drying, but I used the Essence Drying Drops [review here which is am-az-ing] and so it dried in no time at all.

As for chipping, mine doesn't chip because I have nail extensions, so I'm afraid I cannot talk about longevity, since nail polish on fake nails doesn't chip (even though I don't use any topcoat).

What I know is that I'll be wearing this nail polish a lot in Spring <3

don't mind the state of my nails, I did them in a rush, hence the air bubbles etc in them 



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