Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener [Review]

Dear readers,

Since I do my own nail extensions, I always end up doing and removing them a number of times throughout the year. Last week, after a nervous breakdown, I ended up yanking off my gel extensions.

Please take note! I KNOW that this is harmful for nails and I always PREACH to my clients to NOT pull/yank them off but yeah - I am guilty of doing this to my own nails, bite me.

So I decided to give my natural nails a much deserved break from extensions (maybe for a couple of weeks, month, not sure yet).

To help them to get stronger quickly, I have re-started taking the Perfectil vitamins [review here] and using a nail treatment. I also use cuticle oil.

The one I am currently using is the Sally Hansen Miracle Thickener.

It comes in a standard nail polish bottle and holds 13.3ml. I think I paid around 10 Euros for it.

Now this hardener comes with quite a bold statement: it states that it makes your nails "up to 70% thicker in 4 days".

It has a calcium and ceramic gel formula which reinforces weak and brittle nails while also filling in ridges.

For best results, you apply 1 coat per day for 4 days, on the 4th day remove with polish remover and re-start the process.

This can also used as a base coat too.

I really like this product - my nails feel harder and less thin than they were when I removed my nail extensions, after less than a week of using it.

I would re-purchase this but I still prefer to use OPI's Original Nail Envy.

Do you use nail hardener?




  1. I used to use nail hardener but now I just decided that I won't paint my nails very often at all. It just wrecks havoc on my nails! I use a vitamin oil that I put on my nails weekly to strengthen them now.

    1. if you use an adequate base coat and don't use remover with acetone nail polish shouldn't harm your nails. But vitamin oil is great (even olive oil!)

  2. I should definitely get some of this ahaha



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