Monday, 11 February 2013

Baddest Looking Dessert Ever!

Dear readers,

Yesterday I ate (or nearly ate) the largest, yummiest dessert ever! It was so large that  I could have easily fit my whole head in the bowl ha ha.

Check it out:

It looks so huge next to my boyfriends Apple Cobbler (which ain't small!) It had 3 scoops vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sprinkles, cream, hot fudge and a brownie.... no wonder I felt nauseous afterwards ha ha

This is what we had eaten before:

Chicken Gyoza

Spicy tuna maki

Chicken katsu curry

We also had a squid and prawn tempura which I forgot to take a pic of. We lunched at Wagamama and then went to Hard Rock for dessert.




  1. must have made you feel quite guilty! The Chicken Gyoza looks delicious!

    1. haha yeah it did! I could feel my veins fill up with the fat in it ha ha

  2. I'm suddenly STARVING! :)

  3. omg this all look so delicious <3 i get hungry right now :p


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