Sunday, 17 February 2013

Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops [Review]

Dear readers,

Do you remember when last week I did a blog post about the Essence nail polish remover which I had to buy because I had smudged nails and had to take the polish off?

...well, together with the remover I bought the Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops (I think it cost around 3-4 euros - not certain though).

The Dry Drops comes in a small glass bottle with a squeezy pipette/glass dropper, and you get 8ml.

To use it you just drop some product using the glass dropper on freshly painted nails. I am AMAZED at how good this works!

I used some after applying two coats of nail polish, and it was dry to the touch after about 1 mins, and totally dry after about 5 minutes. How awesome is that?!

And to top it all off, this drops made my nail polish look ultra shiny and glossy without the need to apply a topcoat.

I totally recommend this! You should go out and buy it because it is a fab product, and cheap too, well done Essence! I can't rave about this enough!

Those of you who can't find this for sale in your country can buy it from here but it's more expensive, but totally worth it too! (p.s I never bought anything from this seller though)




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