Friday, 1 February 2013

Wet N Wild 'Petal Pusher' Palette [Review]

Dear readers,

I am totally in love with Wet n Wild products: in fact, one might say that I'm quickly becoming obsessed ^.^

Today's palette is called 'Petal Pusher', and it is an 8 pan palette full of different purple toned eye shadows. All of the eyeshadows featuring in this palette are either frosty or shimmer-y. Like most of Wet n Wild's palettes, the eyeshadows come 'labelled' for easy application: which colour is meant to be used for the brow bone, eyelid, crease and definer. Obviously all of the eyeshadows can be used together to create a smoky effect, or you can use the lighter shades for daytime.

All of the eyeshadow are really pigmented and feel really silky.

The palette comes in a sleek, black, hinged palette. What I really love about Wet n Wild products is how the lid is transparent, making it easier for you to recognise the colours inside.

You also get a 2-way applicator [which I have yet to try].

I got this for $7.99 (exc shipping) from Beauty Joint, but you can also get it from their E-bay shop here, they offer combined shipping too.

with flash

without flash

without flash

with flash




  1. This palette looks absolutely divine! I really like the 2nd column 2nd row color! It is gorgeous <3

    1. Yeah I agree! I love the 2nd column more in general <3


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