Friday, 1 February 2013

Some of my January finds..

Dear readers,

Yesterday myself and a friend of mine went shopping at Sliema (for those of you who don't know, Sliema is Malta's largest commercial district).

I really wanted to find myself some lovely stuff that was still on sale, even though it being the end of January most of the good finds would have been sold.

Anyways, I managed to buy things which were on sale, and some which were not:

A closer look at what I've bought:

Top from New Look (Click here to go to their website - they ship to many countries inc. Malta)
Was Euro 13.49 and got it for Euro 7.00

Knitted Grey 3 Quarter Star Sweater from Calliope
Was Euro 39.99 and got it for Euro 13.99

Knitted Burgundy 3 Quarter Heart Sweater from Calliope
Was Euro 39.99 and got it for Euro 13.99

3 Quarter Navy Blue Top with Shoulder Embellishments from Stradi Varius
This was not in sale but bought it for Euro 25.95

Grey Beany from Calliope
Was Euro 7.99 and got it for Euro 2.40

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans from New Look (you can buy a pair from here)
These were not on sale but I really love their fit! Will absolutely buy another pair but in a different colour.
Bought for Euro 27.99

I think I did well :)



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