Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour in 'Rose Bud' [Review]

Dear readers,

I bought this lipstick about a month or so ago when I also got some other things from Wet n Wild.

The lipstick in question is called 'Rose Bud' and is part of their Mega Last Lip Color collection.

The packaging of these lipsticks is something which I thoroughly hate: I've talked about this in my other Wet n Wild lipstick review here.

This lipstick has a dark dusty rose colour which verges on the mauve-y: excellent for day time use and for Spring.

The lipstick, albeit matte, goes on really smoothly and without drying the lips - I find that there is no need to apply some kind of balm or gloss on top.

With regard to staying power, this tends to fade about 4 hours after applied, which I think is quite normal for lipsticks.

I bought this for $2.75 (excluding shipping) from Beauty Joint, or you can buy it from E-bay




  1. Wet and Wild has great lipsticks for the best price. Love the color on you!

    1. thanks :) yeah they're so affordable - pity about the high shipping i have to pay to get some

  2. nice color <3

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