Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer [First Impression | Review]

Dear readers,

It is obvious that as soon as MUA launched their new 'Undress your skin' range I would order some new things to try and test out.

One of the goodies I grabbed was the new Radiant Under Eye Concealer. I paid £2 because it is on an introductory offer, normal price is £3 so still really affordable. You can get yours here.

The concealer comes in a white, plastic 'pen' with a twist up bottom [have I already mentioned how I love their new white packaging...!]

What MUA say about this new product:

"Undress your Skin Radiant Under eye Concealer banishes dark circles and signs of fatigue with it’s light weight formula that contains light-diffusing particles to create a radiant glow and awaken dull tired skin. The concealer is suitable for use on all skin tones and is a makeup bag essential!"

The concealer itself is skin coloured and has tiny shimmery particles which catch the light (but in a good way). 

To use, you simply twist the bottom and then use the brush to apply the concealer - then blend with your ring finger or a concealer brush. 

It has a medium coverage but is quite buildable without giving off cake-y results.

I have been using this for the past 3 days and it starts to fade after about 6-8 hours of wear (with powder) - but I do have oily skin so most probably it will have  better staying power on persons with dry to normal skin. But still, 6-8 hours is normal for concealers (on my oily skin).

The only downside that I can think of is that it only comes in 1 shade: radiance. Even though MUA say that it is suitable on all skin tones, I do doubt that this will work for darker skinned ladies [or even myself when I'm really tanned during Summer].

That being said, I do think that this concealer is a lovely buy though I'm not sure how well it would work for covering blemishes and spots, since this is originally an undereye concealer.

Most probably I will just pop this concealer in my bag to use after a long day at university or after a sleepless night.

left with under eye brightener/concealer, right without

Have you tried anything from MUA's new range?




  1. Wow that really looks good on you! George!

  2. love your initial impressions hun x

  3. it looks great.. is it long lasting?

    1. I've written it down in the post ;) about 6-8 hours on my very oily skin [set with powder]

  4. Wow, you can really tell a difference! Does it have sparkles in it though?


  5. I really disliked this, it didn't look good on me at all. It just made me look like I went out to a party the night before and forgot to take off a ton of shimmery make-up, not to mention the fact that it caked on my skin and clung to every single dry flaky patch under my eyes. It looked dreadful. I didn't like the twisty part either, I ended up with far too much waste product that I didn't want because I'd twist and twist and twist and nothing would come out and then eventually too much would appear. I've never been so disappointed with MUA to be honest but I guess you get what you pay for.

    1. yeah I know what you mean re: sparkles. I have the same problem with the supposedly 'matte' foundation - which has a tonne of shimmer on it but MUA kept insisting that once applied it shouldn't be shimmery but mine is.

      I didn't have any problems with caking, and I have oily skin too so I didn't find any problems with that. I also had no problems with the twist up mechanism, mine works perfectly fine.

      With regard to you get what you pay for - yeah I do agree with that but in not all of the cases. I have their pro-brow palette which I love, and I also really like their waterproof liquid liner and lipliners.

      But I've never really been a huge fan of MUA foundations/concealers [especially both matte foundations - they suck].


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