Saturday, 2 February 2013

Wet N Wild 'Cool as a Cucumber' [Review]

Dear readers,

Wet n Wild offer a wide range of palettes in different sizes. The one I will be reviewing today is a 3 pan palette.

I'm not normally a lover of green eyeshadow, but I know that green goes particularly well with brown eyes. Add to that the fact that this palette also has purple, and I was sold!

Like the majority of Wet n Wild palettes, this has 'labels' on each eyeshadow, advising you were to use which colour: brow bone, crease and eyelid.

The palette comes in a sleek, sturdy, black palette with a transparent lid - something which I really like in a palette because you can immediately recognise the colours featuring in said palette.

It also comes with two small brushes: one sponge tip and one blending brush. I've never used any of the Wet n Wild brushes though.

I found that unlike the other palettes that I have, this lacks a bit in the pigmentation department, especially the brow bone colour. It is really light and therefore I have to use a lot of product for it to show on my skin tone.

Other than that the colours on this palette are lovely. I really like the combination between purple and greens.

I got this palette from Beauty Joint for $3.99 (exc. shipping) or else you can get it from their Ebay shop here (it is best if you combine shipping because it is a tad expensive).

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  2. The colours look lovely Lorraine :) To enhance pigmentation you can always use a primer or else elf have a duo eyeshadow cream called Eggplant that has exactly the same purple and green in this palette.

    1. I did try to use a primer Lara but to no avail :( the problem is with the brow shade. Thanks for the tip though!


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