Friday, 1 March 2013

MUA Gel Eyeliner in 'Underground' [Review]

Dear readers,

I got this gel liner by MUA earlier this year when they had launched their 50% off sale.

It comes in 4 different shades: Underground (Black), Fairground (Grey), On Move (Brown) and Tribe (Turquoise).

They are normally priced at £3 but I got mine for £1.50 since it was on half price offer. You can get yours at the MUA website here.

The gel liner in question comes in a black, plastic tub which also houses a small brush which you use to apply the eyeliner.

The brush is quite soft - but you must not forget to wash it or else it can become dry and hard and wouldn't apply the liner well. It is perfect for drawing out mid sized lines but not so good for thinner ones. The brush is handy for those ladies who haven't got a large selection of brushes, and so they can use this instead of having to buy a separate eyeliner brush.

The gel liner is really soft and is easily picked up with the brush. It looks and applies black (and matte too!), but in my opinion it isn't as pigmented as it should be. Now I have read a lot of reviews for this gel liner before actually buying it, and all of them said that it was super pigmented, but unfortunately it doesn't really work for me with regard to pigmentation (you can see this from the swatches posted below). You must go over the line at least twice to achieve a deep black colour.

That being said, this gel liner has great staying power once it has dried. I tried rubbing off the swatches from my hand but they wouldn't budge. It also stayed put for the whole day without using a primer.

I had no problems with the liner flaking whatsoever.

So, would you buy this gel liner?




  1. yay! i cant wait till i get these! i got the gunmetal one too... but i have to receive my mua package first!

    1. poor you :( It's such a shame that you had to wait for so long for a package, especially since you were a first time buyer


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