Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Simple Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Design [Tutorial]

Dear readers,

I am a sucker for flower printed things - and I especially love Cath Kidston designs (who doesn't, anyway).

I've always wanted to try and do a nail design inspired by one of her designs, and today I finally did it on one of my lovely friends/client Gaby ^.^

I was so excited about doing the design that I though that I should do a nail tutorial and show my lovely readers how easy it is to do them.

This is how they turned out:

What you'll need:

  • Baby blue nail polish
  • Baby pink nail polish
  • A slightly darker pink nail polish
  • Dark green nail polish 
  • White nail polish
  • Top coat
  • A striper brush
  • Dotting tool


Start by painting 2 coats of light blue polish on your little finger, middle finger and thumb.

Using a white striper polish or normal polish with a small brush, draw straight lines on your index fingers and white dots on the other pink nail (the fourth one) like so;

Using the same dark pink polish that you used to paint the index and fourth finger, draw 3 'circular' (or largish) messy dots on each light blue nail;

Then, using the lightest pink shade and a small brush, draw 2 tiny semicircular lines on the inside of each dark pattern that you've just created. This will serve as a highlight and will make the rose appear more lifelike and it will stand out more;

Use the dark green polish and a small brush to draw on tiny leaves on each rose;

Apply some clear top coat, and you're done! 

Some pictures of the finished design:

Products I've used:

From L-R: OPI Fly, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Party in my Cabana, Revlon Emerald City and Essence Absolutely Blue

Hope you like them! Let me know if you try them out ^.^




  1. OMG! your nails! I wish I have such nails.. I love getting mani but my nails are just too short :( That's lovely dear.

    1. Thanks ;) but these are the hands of a client of mine - she has nail extensions on :)

  2. oh wow your nails are amazing!

  3. Great combination of colours, it looks very adorable.

  4. This is superb you are super talented i just love ur nail art want to learn from you frnd :)


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