Thursday, 21 March 2013

Schwarzkopf Intensive Colour Cream [Review]

Dear readers,

Let me start off by saying that my hair has suffered going through the process of being dyed a myriad of colours, and also through different styles. I've had highlights, lowlights, red, copper, purple, black, brown and all the colours in between...

...but lately I've settled for black, with layers on the front and one length at the back (I've been dying and trimming my own hair for a while now).

Now my hair is a tad weird: even though I always colour it with permanent dye (and normally black or blue black), I rarely ever get roots. The dye lifts from my hair (or washes out anyway) and so from black my hair turns to brownish red (you can see this in the before photo below).

That is the reason why I don't really bother dying it every month or so. Last time I dyed my hair was on November 4th or thereabouts.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, around December I was browsing in a new local supermarket, and the Schwarzkopf Intensive Colour Cream caught my eye.

Well first of all, if I'm not mistaken these cost only around Euro 5 per dye, which to me sounded really cheap. Secondly, you get a variety of shades to choose from.

Since my hair is now rather long, I bought two packs: one in 4-60 'Lustrous Medium Brown' and the other in 4-0 'Medium Brown'.

In each pack you get a pair of gloves, a 9% developer and the dye.

Unlike the more costly dyes, this obviously doesn't come with a conditioner.

You just use like you would use any other kind of dye - but you do need a bowl and a brush to apply it. Wait 30-45 minutes and you're done.

My problem with these two colours is that my hair turned out much darker than what I imagined. It did cover all the red parts so it did its job. It also left my hair looking smooth.

The smell of the dye didn't bother me: in fact it was rather mild so that's a plus.

What bothered me was how the instructions said that dye on skin is easily removable with soap and water - which is not! As a matter of fact, I still have a brown hairline. Thank God I now have a fringe to cover that. (and please note that I smeared my hairline, ears etc with Vaseline prior to dying my hair).

Still, I would repurchase this because of its price, and it is a good overall hair dye.

Top: Medium Brown
Bottom: Lustrous Medium Brown



Do you dye your own hair or do you go to a salon?




  1. I've never dyed my hair because I like my natural hair colour.

    1. you're so lucky. I forgot what my natural colour looks like but I get bored easily and so I am always changing my hair colour (or used to anyway lol)

  2. I sometimes have highlights and that is it, but I go to a salon xx

    1. yeah, it's safer to go to a salon for highlights too

  3. wow it came out a lot darker than on the box! Whenever my hair dresser used to die my hair a nice ' dark brown' it would always come out nearly black. Your hair looks lovely and long though :) xx

    1. yeah it did eh :/ I really want my hair a nice dark brown too, but never achieve the result! boooo >.<

      and thanks, my hair is rather long


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