Friday, 15 March 2013

VO5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo & Conditioner [Review]

Dear ladies,

Every three months or so I like to change my shampoo and conditioner: this is because I don't want my hair to get used to them and no longer 'benefit' from their nutrients.

I've been using the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner which I really love, and they're so cheap too! I wondered whether I would find a good shampoo/conditioner for the same affordable price which would work its magic on my hair...

...and I did!

I bought the V05 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo & Conditioner.

What first caught my eyes was the pink and white packaging. What then sold me was the price tag! I bought these approx. Euro 2.80 each which is really affordable.

The Nourish me Truly line is meant to be used by persons with damaged hair. Now to be honest I don't have that much of a damaged mane since I rarely ever use heated appliances on it, but I do have some split ends (most probably because I brush my hair really vigorously and end up breaking it).

Both the shampoo and conditioner are enriched with a blend of cashmere keratin - which helps tame your hair.

My hair feels REALLY smooth after I've washed it, and it is also less frizzy. It also gets less tangles. Moreover, these products smell am-az-ing! One of the best smelling cheap shampoos that I have ever smelt.

Definite recommend!

Which brand do you use?




  1. I tend to change shampoos every now and then as well. I will certainly try these out =]

    1. hopefully you will love them as much as I did


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