Thursday, 14 March 2013

3W Clinic Fresh Coenzyme Q10 Mask [Review]

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Earlier this year I made an order from Cosmetic-Love - a website which specializes in Korean make-up. They were so kind to send me a couple of samples for me to try out together with my order.

One of them was the 3W Clinic Fresh Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheet.

I was so intrigued about this mask, especially since it has a Samsung logo printed on it ha ha.

Apparently Coenzyme Q10 prevents skin damages while also helps keeping the skin elastic and smooths it out. I've also read that it helps prevent premature aging.

The mask comes in single packets and it is made from 100% cotton. It is soaked in some kind of serum (most probably with Coenzyme Q10).

To use, open the packet carefully so as not to rip the mask, and cover your face with it. Leave on for approximately 20-30 minutes, remove, then massage the remaining solution into the skin by lightly tapping it.

My skin was left feeling really elastic-y (can't really describe the feeling - sorry!) but it also felt a bit sticky, so it's better if you use this just before going to bed. I did see a difference in my face - it felt smoother and also looked clearer than before.

Even though I would re-purchase this, it is not on my top 10 To Buy items, but I will buy a couple  in the future. 3W Clinic also have several different types of masks so most probably I will try out a couple of different ones too.

I found an E-bay seller who sells them for $5.99 (exc shipping) for x3 masks.

Would you try this out?




  1. are these korean products safe to us

  2. Replies
    1. Well guess ifi they're safe for the Koreans to use they should be ok for us to use. I used them and I was ok :) But no, I can't read Korean so I don't know what kind of ingredients they have, but I've researched about them before using and so far so good

  3. Practical article , Coincidentally , if someone wants a NC DoR E-595E , my colleague saw a sample document here


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