Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Essence Vintage District Lipstick in 'Antique Pink' [First Impression]

Dear readers,

Vintage District is the new limited edition Essence collection for Spring 2013 (available as from January 2013).

As soon as I saw the new collection stand I couldn't resist not getting something, and I bought the lipstick and a nail polish (but I want to grab the blusher/bronzer because it looks gorgeous, and the teal gel liner).

There are 2 lipsticks/lip gloss duos in the collection: #02 Antique Pink and #01 Vintage Peach. Today I will be reviewing the Antique Pink one.

This lipstick/gloss duo cost me Euro 3.30. It comes in a plastic tube: on one side you get the lipstick, and on the other you get the lipgloss.

The lipstick side comes in a standard twist up tube, and the gloss part comes with a doe foot applicator. I haven't had any problems with the packaging for now.

What sold me with this product is that the lipstick is matte. The fact that the colour is gorgeous is a bonus. To me the lipstick is a kind of dusty rose colour which reminds me of vintage flowery wall paper. It glides on really easily (feels much like a lip balm as a matter of fact) but you do need a couple of swipes for it to show on your lips (on mine at least). In my opinion this makes it an excellent lip colour for day time use.

The lipgloss has the same tint as the lipstick but is much more lightweight (and not sticky at all!). It also appears very natural on your lips - in the tube it does look like it has shimmer but this is not noticeable once applied.

What bothered me with the product is the smell/taste. This smells of flowers and soap - a smell which I normally would love, but it is a bit overpowering with this lipgloss (I could only detect it in the gloss and not the lipstick). I hated it so much that I had to take it off when I was eating because the taste of the gloss was overpowering the taste of the food.

Secondly - this product doesn't have the best staying power - only 2 hours max before it faded off completely.

Having said that, I would still re-purchase this because of the colour of the lipstick

without flash

with flash
gloss only

lipstick only

lipstick with gloss

Would you wear this colour?




  1. This looks really nice with or without the gloss or the gloss on its own xx


  2. Looks great! Lovely summer colour, now we just have to wait for summer/spring ;-)

    1. thanks! and yes, can't wait for Summer now (even though I hate the hot weather - lol)

  3. This looks great!! Remind me of my MUA Lip Boom but the good part is gloss is without glitters and it does look pretty natural <3 Love it x

    1. yes it did remind me of the lip booms too! but the glitter in those is way too chunky for my liking x

  4. I hope you got these from a maltese stand in these days so that I can run get the Vintage District collection as soon as possible =P Last week there wast still the Circus Limited Edition :(

    1. Yes I did get it from Malta, from the university Health Shop ;)

  5. Thanks loads!! I'll give it a visit in these days :D !!

  6. So pretty n Beautiful! It so flirty.! This is one of the shades I was most excited to see swatched, it has very high scores which means that I’m definitely trying it! Perfect color and finish!Loved it


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