Tuesday, 1 October 2013

UK Beauty Haul

Dear readers,

After spending 10 days in the UK I'm now back at home, with loads of dirty washing, loads and loads of new things I bought, but also loads poorer - but I wouldn't change anything :)

I've been quite a few number of times over in the UK, but everytime I visit I am left feeling astonished at what good deals you get over there - Boots buy 1 get the 2nd for half the price - seriously?! 

As much as I love make-up, I had to be honest with myself and realise that I still have many things which I have yet to try [never mind finish] - and so I decided to spend the majority of my money on clothes [and food!]

Having said that, I still got my hands on some makeup ~ and other beauty related items:

Left: Swatch happy at a MAC store
Top Left: Makeup items - I am especially loving 'Primping with the Stars' by Benefit and the Essie nail polishes [and the lippies too!] - and well, I am loving everything I got
Bottom Left: The Aussie Miracle Shine line is the best shampoo/conditioner/treatment I have ever tried, hands down

I was quite sad because the 2 colours I wanted from MAC's Retro Collection were sold out everywhere!! Booo :( 

Can't wait to start testing these babies out! 




  1. I love Aussie! I am dreading the day my Shampoo finishes, because that will mean I won't be able to repurchase it any time soon :( Lovely buys Lor xxx

    1. I bought a second set of shampoo/condi/treatment - the large bottles! I will cry when I'll run out, too :( thanks Mar xxx

  2. Guess what..I managed to buy Batiste dry shampoo at smart :)

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