Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Catrice Cosmetics Luxury Lacquers | Million Brilliance in #07 Stars & Stories [Review]

A while ago I was browsing the Catrice stand when I saw these [new?] Luxury Lacquers. Unlike the other Catrice ranges, these come in a square-ish bottle.

This range is full of glitters [and when I say full, it means full] and there are a couple other shades available. 

Like other Catrice products, this was on the cheap side.

This polish is full of tiny and bigger glitter pieces and is quite opaque too, something which I believe is quite uncommon to find in glittery polishes.

Now this shade is a dead ringer| dupe for the OPI limited edition Spark of Triomphe shade - a shade which I have but [sadly] I'm running out of.

This shade is a mix between a silver/gold - really similar to a chrome perhaps? What do you think? So it goes with a number of polish colours.

You also need 2 coats for maximum coverage.

Re: longevity I'm not really sure about this since I always use it on nail extensions. The nail you see pictured above belongs to my friend who despises glitters and so removed it almost immediately.

Like any other denser polishes, it also takes more than usual to dry.

However, I don't mind that because the outcome is gorgeous.

Really wish I had bought the whole range!



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