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L'Oreal Professional Hair Care | Hair Treatments | Expert | Damaged Hair [Review]

Happy Sunday and happy new year!

Today's post is all about my favourite budget friendly hair care line | treatments | masque: the L'Oreal Professional Line.

I mostly use the three pictured above: the Sealing Repair Lipidium, the Absolut Repair Lipidium, and the Intense Repair Cuti Liss System

I get mine off Look Fanstastic - they have worldwide free shipping, and most of the time they have some offer going on.

These two are my holy grail budget friendly hair treatments and I use them interchangeably, but I think that I prefer the Intense Repair one the most.

Both of them have a really good scent [kind of musky-ish, though might be over powering for some]. They are also really thick and lovely to work with.

Starting with the Absolut Repair Lipidium [200ml]: This hair care line is formulated for damaged hair. Basically from what I've read, Lipids are a kind of fatty tissue which form a layer; coating the hair in order to preserve shine, health etc. Of course with colouring, heat tools, brushing etc, the hair loses these lipids, which means that your hair may end up feeling dry and damaged. 

As per the product's description: 
"Lipidium is made up of Latic Acid that helps with cortex reconstruction, Phyto-Keratin and Ceramides that works to structure hair and Lipids that form a barrier film on hair to lock in actives and essential nutrients, which coats hair against new aggressors.
This technological breakthrough masque contains the most reconstructing ingredients to replenish all hair zones and create an insulating barrier to lock in essential nutrients to restore healthy tresses."
As you might well imagine, this masque is very rich compared to other ones. It is rinsed out easily and leaves my hair feeling smoother and softer. However, having said that, it does tend to weigh down my hair a bit. Like many other masques, it is important that you do not apply this to your roots, or else you will end up with oily hair in no time at all.
The L'Oreal Intense Repair Masque [200ml] is formulated for dry and/or very dry hair. Similarly to the other masque, this is also jam-packed with nourishment. I find that this treatment weighs my hair less, however my hair is not left feeling as soft as with the Absolut Lipidium masque. As with the other one, it is very important to rinse this out extremely well in order to avoid build up and greasiness. 
When I have time, I like to leave both masques on for more than 5-10 minutes - I usually wrap my hair in a warm towel and let it chill. However, I find that I tend to use the Absolut Lipidium version when I'm in a hurry, and the Intense Repair when I have time to leave my hair for a longer period soaking in the masque. 
After using them, my hair has less visible split ends, more shine, is more manageable and less tangly too. 
I think that both these masques are some of the best value for money hair treatments which you can find in stores right now.

From the L'Oreal Absolut Lipidium line I also have the Sealing Repair Lipidium. It is a two part serum: one tube is oily, the other one is cream based - so when you pump it out both products come out at the same time.
You can use this both on damp hair  or dry hair as a serum.
Despite having oil in it, I find that this is really well absorbed by my hair - you cannot feel it in your hair, so to speak. It really helps with concealing and smoothing down my split ends - and I seriously cannot live without this product. 
It reduces frizziness and makes my hair smoother. 
I like to apply this on my damp hair before drying it, and after when I've straightened it.

So now tell me, what hair treatments do you use?
Hope this review helps! Until next time,

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