Friday, 25 March 2016

EBay Music Flower Eyebrow Pomade [Review]

Ebay ... my biggest vice. 

I'm always on the lookout for new cheap Ebay makeup. I'm used to seeing the now ever so popular MeNow liquid lipsticks, the concealer palettes and other beauty related things [I have many Ebay beauty reviews, if you want to check them out], but when I saw this Music Flower 3 pan eyebrow pomade, I was quite pleasantly surprised. 

I got mine from HERE and it cost me $4.44 with free shipping.

For that price you get this cute compact with 3 different brow pomade shades and a mini double-ended brow brush.

What made me want to buy this is that it has 3 pans filled with different pomades: a black, a dark brown [slightly red-toned, I think] and a light caramel shade.

This way you can easily pop open all three of them, and create a custom shade for your brows. 

All three pomades come with a lid, which ensures that they won't dry out.

The brush is also quite nice to use, and while it is not of the highest quality, it does the job. One side is sturdier than the other, but I like to use both sides depending on which part of my brows I'm filling in: I tend to use the angled, softer side for the front of my brows, and the other side for the tail.

I somehow have lost the picture of the swatches, but you have to trust in me on this one. They are super creamy and super pigmented, and I just love using them. You can get a natural finish, or slightly bolder ones depending on how much product you use.

They are also really long lasting, and stay put throughout the day.

You should definitely check them out!


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