Saturday, 20 July 2013

MAC 'Coral Bliss' [Review]

Dear readers,

'Coral Bliss' is the latest addition to my lipstick collection.

I heard about this colour so much because it is a must have shade for summer i.e I wanted to get my hands on it but apparently it is sold out in loads of MAC outlets, but lo and behold my sister-in-law and brother got this for me as a birthday gift [my birthday is in 4 days' time] and so you can imagine my surprise ^.^

It is now in their permanent collection.

Coral Bliss has a cremesheen finish, and so it applies lighter and glossier than other finishes. This makes it perfect for both daytime and evening use [and especially for people who are not used to using lipstick but still want that hint/pop of colour].

The colour of the lipstick is obviously coral [hence the name] with pinkish undertones.

You do need to apply some lipbalm before you use this or else it will not look good if you have dry/chapped lips.

You also need to reapply this after about 3-4 hours of wear [especially after you have eaten] - this goes for any other glossy finish lipstick so I don't mind reapplying. It is quite a forgiving colour so you can also re-apply this without using a mirror [if you feel confident/are used to do so].

with flash

sporting the lipstick <3 

Are you team lipgloss or team lipstick?




  1. I love this shade of Coral.Such a gorgeous colour! I am so happy to find this review because I have been in the market for a new lipstick color other than pale pink. I really wanted something with a slight pop of color and I have very pale skin. I am seriously considering purchasing this as my Summer go to lip color.

    1. It is a gorgeous colour for Summer, I know I will be using it a lot!

  2. So pretty, what a lovely shade! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  3. This is a really pretty lipstick, I love it.

    Kimberley x (currently running an international MAC giveaway)


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