Tuesday, 17 September 2013

NYX 'Set It & Don't Fret It' Mineral Matte Finishing Powder [First Impression | Review]

Dear readers,

I got Nyx's 'Set it & Don't Fret it' Mineral Matte Finishing Powder about 3 weeks or so ago, back when I was invited to the bloggers event hosted by Nyx in Malta.

I was busy swatching left, right and centre when I tried this on my wrist and it was love at first swatch! 

I can honestly say that although I have been using this for less than a month, I have concluded that this is hands down, the best matte loose powder I have ever tried. Ever! 

This powder comes in a plastic. transparent tub/jar with a black screw on lid. Like the majority of loose powders, this has a built in sifter inside. You get 8grm of product. I can't remember its price but it was less than €20 for sure [most probably even less than €15].

If I'm not mistaken this comes in 2 shades - the one I got, which is medium/dark, and a lighter one. I wanted to get the lighter shade but I picked this one out by mistake - but it's ok as it's a perfect match for my skin tone.

The powder is finely milled and a pleasure to apply. On the packaging Nyx state that this;

"softens the skin, absorbs shine, gluten free, prolongs the wear of makeup, silica based which controls the appearance of fine lines, and acts as an optical diffuser by reflecting light"

And I can vouch for all of the above statements!

I have used this everyday [morning and/or evening] and I haven't used any other powder ever since I got this. This powder makes my face feel so smooth: I was completely blown away when I first tried it out.

This completely mattifies my skin and has excellent staying power.

I haven't had any problems with the packaging and unlike some other brands, the sifter which comes with this powder dispenses the right amount of product.

2 thumbs up NYX! Will definitely repurchase.

Do you prefer loose or pressed/compact powder?




  1. This looks and sounds perfect, it's such a shame Nyx doesn't sell in Croatia. But then again, there's always online shopping. Will keep it in mind.

    1. I know the feeling - I got this only because a NYX store just opened in my country end August

  2. I need to go and do some shopping there! I'm hoping their lipsticks are of good quality :)



  3. How do you spot a fake one?

  4. How do you spot a fake one?

  5. When I open the lid there is no powder but there is a thing on top of it and I can't open it it's frustrating:(


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